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Taxpert is your tax solution. The main purpose of this website is to deliver tax related important issues for corporate accounts and finance people as well as individual taxpayer in Bangladesh.

The articles published here in such a way that readers can easily understand the complex tax related issues which we are facing regularly in our daily corporate or personal life.

Tax articles for corporate accounts and finance people will include corporate tax calculation & return preparation, minimum tax calculation U/S 82C, AIT & TDS, changes of finance act, TDS calculation on salaries, deferred tax calculation, transfer pricing, double taxation, capital gains calculation etc.

For individual taxpayer, tax articles will focus on tax calculation & return preparation by salaried person, government employees, artist, teacher, doctor, house owner and where to invest or donate for tax rebate & tax rebate calculation etc.

Taxpert has YouTube channel where we uploaded tax and VAT related complex issues regularly which will help you to update tax matters. You may visit our channel, subscribe to get the notification of latest video and comment there if you have any tax and VAT related questions.

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